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Anti-aging: Time - for or against aging?

The fortieth birthday’s over? It’s time you took care of “eternal youth”? “Anti-aging” - against aging - is the New German word that has no place in the dictionary yet. Institutes and concepts against ageing sprout like mushrooms out of the ground. With hormones for cell rejuvenation the aging should be prevented and the body should be trimmed for always fit, youthful and beautiful.

Human guinea pig?

Experts see science against ageing as the “booming science of the future”. However, according to the endocrinologist Prof. Dr. Ernst Siebzehnrübl from the University of Frankfurt in an interview with the Internet portal “Die Welt” in August 2002, there are any studies on side effects and long-term consequences.


“Hermann Hesse writes: “There is a magic in every beginning” - even in aging, if you get curious about it, recognise limits, give rhythm to life. Sufficient exercise and natural nutrition are beneficial “support measures”.

Most people take a long time to get young. Pablo Picasso

Life has many sides. There is always a joyful and a painful side to the reality in which we live. Henry J.M. Nouwen

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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