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Do we need food-supplements?

A varied diet with natural foods contains all the nutrients the body needs to function "properly". But who feels tired, weak in drive, often looks for nutritional supplements to remedy this condition. A plus of minerals and vitamins should also bring a plus of well-being and an increase in performance.

Traditionally, of course

Natural food supplements, in contrast to artificial mixtures of vitamins and minerals, have a tradition of more than a hundred years. As so-called nutrient salts with a high mineral content, dried and pulverized mixtures of various spices and vegetables were already sold at the start of the twentieth century. Above all, they should help debilitated women back on their feet.

Helpful in case of deficiency

However, not every state of exhaustion is due to a lack of nutrients. An awake night is to be treated with a good night's sleep - and not otherwise. Before reaching for minerals, vitamins and other active substances, it should therefore always be clarified whether this therapy remedies a deficiency. A one-sided diet, heavy physical and mental strain, sweat loss and stubborn gastrointestinal diseases can make natural food supplements make sense.

Author: Brigitte Neumann

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